MoU signed for the construction of the Lalandar Dam

MoU was signed for the construction of the Lalandar [Shatoot] Dam between India and Afghanistan recently. The project is a part of the New Development Partnership between India and Afghanistan.

Positives for India :

·         Meet the safe drinking water needs of Kabul City.

·         Provide irrigation water to nearby areas.

·         Rehabilitate the existing irrigation and drainage network.

·         Aid in flood protection and management efforts in the area.

·         Provide electricity to the region.


National AYUSH Mission (NAM)

Central Government is implementing Centrally Sponsored Scheme of National AYUSH Mission (NAM) through States/UTs for development and promotion of AYUSH systems of medicine including Ayurvedic system.

  1. Co-location of AYUSH facilities at Primary Health Centers (PHCs), Community Health Centers (CHCs), and Districts Hospitals (DHs).
  2. Up-gradation of exclusive State Government AYUSH Hospitals and Dispensaries.Setting up of up to 50 bedded integrated AYUSH Hospital.
  3. Upgradation of State Government Under-Graduate and Post-Graduate Educational Institutions.Setting up of new State Government AYUSH Educational Institutions in the States where it is not available in Government Sector.
  4. Strengthening of State Government/State Government Co-operatives/PSUs for manufacturing of quality medicines in AYUSH Systems.Strengthening of State Drug Testing Laboratories 

Parliament informed about Agricultural Mechanization


  1. The government of India informed Parliament about the initiatives to Promote Farm Mechanization.A special dedicated scheme ‘Sub Mission on Agricultural Mechanization (SMAM)’ has been introduced by the Government of India in 2014-15.
  2. To make farm machines accessible and affordable for the small and marginal farmers (SMFs) through the establishment of Custom Hiring Centers(CHCs), creating Hubs for hi-tech & high-value farm equipment and Farm Machinery Banks.


Nord Stream 2 Pipeline


In a development that could increase tensions between the USA and Germany, the association which is building the Nord Stream 2 pipeline has said that it has resumed work on the controversial project.

  1. In 2015, Gazprom and 5 other European energy firms decided to build Nord Stream 2, valued at around $11 billion.The 1,200 km pipeline will run from Ust-Luga in Russia to Greifswald in Germany. It will carry 55 billion cubic meters of gas per year.
  2. The under-construction pipeline will run along with the already-completed Nord Stream 1 system, and the two together will supply an aggregate of 110 billion cubic meters of gas to Germany per year.

Currently, EU countries already rely on Russia for 40% of their gas needs.




UAE’s Hope Mission

The UAE’s first mission to Mars entered its orbit, seven months after the UAE’s ‘Hope Probe’ was launched from Tanegashima in Japan. With this, the UAE has become the fifth country after the US, Russia, China, the EU, and India, to reach the Martian orbit.

                     The unmanned spacecraft is called ‘Al-Amal’ — the Arabic word for hope.The historic event was timed to coincide with the 50th anniversary of the unification of the UAE’s seven emirates. Hope is the UAE’s fourth space mission and first interplanetary one. 

                    The previous three were all Earth-observation satellites. Its overall mission life is one Martian year, which is about 687 days on Earth.